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Vintage Keeping Leg Protectors

5 Star Vintage Keeping Leg GuardsAero WK Pads 5 Star P1 Blue


These lightweight keeping pads feature:

- Foam filled bolsters

- Four reverse canes

- Sculpted side wings

- Verticle interior bolster which has been split into three to mouth around the leg

- Top hat shaped and tilted


Sizes: Mens & Youth






3 Star Wicket Keeping Leg Guard/Fielding Leg GuardAero WK Foam Legguards Orange


This extremely lightweight product is two products in one.

It can be used as a wicket keeping legguard or a close in fielders shin bad.

Easily customisable to every size, this can be worn over the top or under trousers.

Sizes: One size fits all (with customisation)