Equipment Sizing Guide
Sizing Guide
Apart from bats, there is no agreed standard sizing for cricket equipment. Sizing yourself to wear our equipment is pretty straightforward. Apart from the KPR face protector, there are no hard and fast rules about age or height. Everyone is different and you must size your product to precisely meet your needs. You can be a different size in a different product (i.e. a medium sized leg and a large sized stripper).

We'll be publishing some updated sizing guides for you to follow:

  • Batting and KPR Leg Protectors from the middle of the knee cap (patella) to the ankle bone, either side will do

  • Lower Body Protectors ("Strippers™") from the middle of the knee cap to the top of the hip (pelvic) bone - our Aero Strippers™ have a dual waist adjustment so the most important sizing measurement is the knee to hip bone one not the waist measurement

  • Groin Protector Brief around the waist over the hips

  • Chest Protector around the chest under the arm pits (with only a t-shirt on)
  • Forearm Protector from the tip of the elbow to the wrist bone (the bit that sticks out on the outside of your wrist)

  • Hand Protector a straight line from the tip of the middle finger to the point where the wrist joins the hand. In selecting your hand protector, choose the size from the conventional loose fit column if you like a looser fitting glove.  If you like a golf glove-like fit, then choose your size from the Snug Fit column. Also, if you are medium sized but have slim hands (say  less than 8.5cm/3.25" across the knuckles), then you should consider the Narrow size.
  • KPR face protector - people's heads mature and size at different rates. Generally speaking the Senior sized faces (P1 and P2) are for people above the age of 16 and the Junior (P3) for those 16 and below. That said, there will be some athletes below 16 who fit a senior face and vice versa.