about the questions we ask
the questions we ask

Over the last 10 years we have worked closely with loads of cricket players from all age groups and skill levels from around the globe.

We started by questioning the basic beliefs about cricket protection, we tested and exposed existing products and generated many new ideas.

Cricket batsmen, wicket keepers and close-in fielders all have different needs.

We understood that we would need to design separate ranges for each of them.

We began with the biometrics of the batsmen and analysed the way the game itself is played today.  We asked the following questions:

  • Where do they really need the protection?

  • What ball speeds do we actually play and train against?

  • What body size are cricket players?

  • What difference will 3d moulding make? Can we use multiple layers of closed cell foam to increase protection?

  • Can we understand and control or influence ball rebound?

  • Why if the front leg does a different job do we make the back leg the same?

  • What will cricketers think about something new - radical innovative, more expensive?

We also closely examined the evolving role of the wicket keeper and asked:

  • Does the keeper need the top or back of his head protected?
  • Can we improve on hot heavy helmets and still provide the face protection required by a keeper?
  • Are keeping inners made from Chamois doing the job properly for keepers in terms of prioviding protection and dealing with moisture?
  • Is dimpled rubber the best face to have on a keeping glove?  Are their more modern materials that we could use to will help the keeper do their job better?