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5 Star Vintage Batting Gloves


Full leather palms. This addition significantly improves grip and also reduces wear and tear

Aero Batting Gloves 5 Star

This top of the line glove features:

- Cashmillion extra protection bridge supports, two each finger.

- Extra foam back of hand protection

- Three side protection bars on each glove

- Full toweling wristband

- Inside toweling for extra comfort

- Finger tabs on all fingers

- Three piece thumb unit


Sizes: RH/LH - Men's




4 Star Vintage Batting Gloves


Aero Batting Gloves 4 Star

This top of the line glove features:

- Full 'digital' leather palm

- Three piece finger units foam filled with extra protection bridge covers

- Flexi bar in gold to aid flexibility over knuckle aera

- Three side bar protection on each glove and a two piece thumb unit

- Inside toweling wristband for extra comfort and full toweling wristband

- Mesh material side edges aiding comfort and flexibility

Sizes: RH/LH - Mens & Youth





3 Star Vintage Batting Gloves


Superb youth protection, these gloves feature:

Aero Batting Gloves 3 Star snr


- Full leather palm

- Toweling wristbands

- Extra protection on index and middle finger of bottom hand

- One piece finger units with medium density foam for flexibility

- Two-piece flexible thumb

- Aero embossed thumb

Sizes: RH/LH - Mens, Youth, Boys


Junior Style 

Aero Batting Gloves 3 Star jnr