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P2 KPR Wicketkeeping Inner

We set about creating the perfect Inner with all the protection you need without sacrificing the mobility required to catch everything that moves.

Wicketkeepers told us that they want the Inners to provide extra protection & improved fit inside the outer glove without impeding catching function.

With the contours of the hand in mind, we have put padding where it is needed & removed it where it wasn’t. A new sensation, whose foam and gel protection quickly contours to your hand offering unrivalled performance.

We have also selected hard wearing materials that are not affected by sweat and can be repeatedly washed without losing their integrity.

Unique silicone patches stitched onto the Aero Inner enable grip to the inside of the outer Gloves creating better control of the outer Glove for more precise catching.

After many years of testing we have created the most innovative, longest lasting, best performing wicketkeeping Inner available today.