KPR P1 Wicketkeeping Leg Protector

Cricket has changed dramatically within the last generation. The speed of the game has increased with the One Day game and also Twenty20. The demands being placed on WicketKeepers (aka KPRs) to perform are becoming greater all the time. Keepers are putting extra pressure on batsmen by standing up to the wickets for quicker bowlers. They're now expected to take extra risks for their team.

Our KPR Leg Protector is designed specifically for WicketKeepers who wish to perform at their very best.

A big part of ‘keeping' is moving quickly and confidently to where the ball is arriving. The quicker a team's keeper can get up to the stumps, the better for their team.

Our KPR Leg Protectors are amazingly light. The feeling of lightness on your feet translates into being faster and more agile behind the stumps.

Our revolutionary 3D shaping allows exceptional freedom of movement. It creates a snug fit that stays in place without tight restricting straps. 3D delivers superior protection and unparalleled comfort when diving, stopping and tumbling.

This 3D body-fitting shape with elastic straps and light weight foam construction means you'll soon forget you're wearing any leg protection at all!