P1 Leg Protector

Leg P1 Batting PadsA significant part of batting is running between the wickets quickly and confidently. Batsmen have to keep the run rate up and rotate the strike. Run the first one hard to put pressure on the deep fielder and steal those extra singles.

These principles of good batting apply to all levels and types of the game. Fast, confident running between the wickets applies to every basman and every innings he or she will play.

When you use our P1 Leg Protector for the first time you will be stunned by its amazing lack of weight. The feelings of lightness on your feet translates into being faster and more agile.

The other revolutionary development is our 3 dimensional shaping…which not only creates a snug fit without tight restricting straps, it also allows exceptional freedom of movement.

Better speed, better protection, better comfort, better ball control and better durability for ball speeds up to 160kph – are all key performance features you'll experience in our P1 Leg Protector.