Equipment Frequently asked questions Strippers & Chest Why don't the Strippers have a place to put my box?
Why don't the Strippers have a place to put my box?

We spent the best part of 3 months on this aspect and the prototypes were all very unsatisfactory. The problem with the box incorporated into the thigh/hip protection was that the box often moved after running or executing a shot and was never secure enough in position.

We tried to find away around this as the box has to stay in place. We found too often the box/thigh in one design worked against the necessary mobility performance of the thigh padding. It restricted your running and stretching when executing shots especially off the front foot. And you ended up after each movement having to adjust the product - the exact opposite of what Aero design is all about...we want gear to disappear once it's on so you can get on with batting.

If you think and look at the way you move you will realise the body parts involved move in different directions. The thigh padding needs to give and move with you so elasticity is required in key areas and the groin protection has to stay very snug in place and not move at all. These are conflicting product performance outcomes.

So from the physiological angle we could NOT do a good job of protecting or making comfortable the groin, the thighs and the hip with one product.

We have launched groin protection and underwear products that integrate with, but are not part of, the Strippers.