Equipment Frequently asked questions Leg Protectors Why is the rebound different to the gear I am used to?
Why is the rebound different to the gear I am used to?

Aero leg protectors rebound differently for a number of reasons. Some relate to the properties of foam and some come from specific design choices we made after analysing batting and listening to batsman.

Rebound has three components to it:

  • Speed which is the length the ball will travel after it impacts the leg protector
  • Trajectory which is the upwards angle the ball takes after impact
  • Angle or deflection the ball goes after the ball impacts

All three components of rebound have been looked at during the design of the leg protectors with the idea of  maximising batsman advantage. For instance, some players like high rebound, others low. Different areas of impact on the leg protectors had different required outcomes. For instance most batsmen we talked to wanted a ball going down leg impacting the outside of the front leg to have fast rebound.

The majority also wanted to reduce the chances of getting caught close in bat/pad or pad/bat.  This is why we designed and patented the front flat face and a rebound cavity behind the flat face to encapsulate the ball and rebound it straighter back down the pitch.